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Solidarity is our weapon.

Solidarity that is not just an empty slogan we chant from time to time at a demonstration or write on a banner. Solidarity that is practical.

When the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on 24th February 2022, we were quite clear about what to do and how to do it. We immediately got involved in humanitarian aid for people on the run, we stood up against local Putinist collaborators in the streets, and most importantly, we started looking for ways to support our friends on the ground in Ukraine. Regardless of whether they chose to engage in humanitarian activities or to resistPutin‘s Z-fascism on the battlefield. We are convinced that the quickest way to end the conflict is the military defeat of the Kremlin dictator's army.

Since the beginning of the war, Czech-based anarchists and anti-fascists have sent hundreds of thousands of Czech crowns and a lot of equipment to help anti-authoritarian projects in Ukraine, literally saving lives. But even more than a year later, our solidarity has not waned - rather the opposite. We are well aware that the conflict may continue for a long time and the key to success will be in endurance. Continual help is the only way to ensure that the dictator Putin does not drown Central-Eastern Europe in blood. The Russian state is showing by its open terror against Ukrainian civilians that its talk of 'de-Nazification' is just a fairytale to justify an almost genocidal campaign to destroy not only Ukraine but all the free-thinking voices in it. Including our friends, local anarchists and anti-fascists, defending their families, neighbours, loved ones.

That's why, in collaboration with our comrades at Solidarity Collectives, we decided to run a larger project that will allow a specific unit of anti-fascist fighters to significantly more effectively repel the occupiers from eastern Ukraine's Bakhmut. By using drones to detect the enemy, they are both protecting fellow defenders and allowing them to target an adequate counterattack. With the Ukrainians taking the initiative in the area, it is crucial to move quickly with a reliable vehicle that can withstand difficult terrain. And the last car of our friends fell victim to Russian fire.

We aim to raise 100,000 CZK (about 4200 €), which we will use to buy equipment that the anti-authoritarian fighters on the front urgently need. We will transport it directly to Ukraine in cooperation with our comrades from other countries. Our goal is primarily a 4x4 pickup truck: Mitsubishi L200, Nissan Navara or comparable types that we can find for the money available. Not a new and hypermodern car, but one that can deal with the difficult terrain of the eastern front, is reliable and easy to repair. We will then use the journey to Ukraine to transport other supplies, mainly medical equipment – bought by any funds we may have left or provided byfriendly initiatives.

We know what we want, but we cannot do it alone. While we believe that Putin's empire will fall and the war will end without the all-consuming shadow of fascism over Central-Eastern Europe, we need your help.

Let's send a 4X4 against the invasion. Together.

Questions and Answers

Why should I support this fundraiser and not another?

There are lots of cool projects going on, but ours is based on a direct request from aerospace recon unit operating on the front lines. We know what they need, and if you help us, we are able to directly provide it - and greatly enhance their capabilities. All the money we raise will go to Ukraine, one way or another. We want to complete the project as quickly as possible so that the car - and any additional equipment - can help where it is urgently needed. Our priority is to combine maximum efficiency, transparency and safety for all involved.

Can I make sure that he money goes to the right cause?

We maintain a transparent account for the fundraiser, 16111100/2010, and will document any purchases and expenditures with photos and ongoing reporting. As well, within the limits of the safety of those concerned, we will convey information about the activities of the people to whom we intend send the car and other equipment. We are all volunteers, we do our work for free as a matter of principle and will not profit in any way from the money raised. We will be as economical as possible in our purchases, but never at the expense of quality - inferior and unreliable equipment could put our friends in Ukraine in direct danger.

Who exactly is doing this crowdfunding?

We represent a broader platform of internationally connected anti-fascists in the Czechia, working with the Ukrainian Solidarity Collectives. Since the beginning of the open war, this platform (originally as Operation Solidarity) has been providing both various equipment for anti-authoritarian, environmentalist, anarchist and other like-minded friends defending Ukraine with arms in hand, and funds for humanitarian aid to civilians in areas affected by fighting or associated disasters - such as the destruction of the Kakhovka dam. For more information about their activities, please visit their website or social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Telegram. Initiators of the Czech crowdfunding are connected by their membership in local Anarchist Federation, which has long been dedicated to supporting activists fighting against the Putin‘s or Lukashenko‘s regime.

Do you have experience with similar projects?

Yes. Aid to Ukraine from the environment of Czech-based anti-fascists has been going on since the beginning of the open war. Not only Solidarity Collectives, but also other sympathetic projects and individuals have received support - both financial and through supplies (e. g. ballistic protection, medical supplies). We have been monitoring the situation in Ukraine all along, keeping in touch with the actors there, evaluating appropriate forms of assistance and reporting on important developments via related web portals.

What if more money is raised?

We're not keeping anything for ourselves. If more funds can be raised, we will purchase and arrange delivery of other equipment, such as medical equipment (IFAKs, tourniquets...) in addition to the necessary car. Depending on the situation, we can also contribute financially to other projects, providing for example communication (radios), reconnaissance (drones) or protective (ballistic vests, helmets) equipment, or humanitarian activities within Solidarity Collectives and related initiatives. All costs will be documented in detail and transparently as possible.

Are you associated with political parties, businessmen or other players with their own interests?

No. Our initiative comes from the grassroots movement, from an environment of non-commercial autonomous activism. We will refuse donations that we would consider unethical or questionable - e.g. from political parties, morally problematic companies, top politicians, or entities we know to be associated with authoritarian ideologies, racism, sexism or homophobia.

Why don't I see specific names and photos of people here?

Most of the people involved, on the one hand, do not want to personally feed on an objectively important topic, and on the other hand, they are engaged in other public activities that often expose them in relation to pro-Russian circles, neo-nazis, and other hostile groups. For the sake of our partners in Ukraine, we therefore maintain operational security. However, we want to be as transparent as possible and clearly demonstrate that the money has been put to good use.

How can I help you?

First of all, by sharing this fundraiser, recommending it to friends, family, etc. By organizing an event to support our project, e.g. thematic talks, screenings, fundraising dinners, etc. We are also open to practical suggestions - such as taking a humanitarian package with our car - in which case please get in touch at 4x4protiinvazi@proton.me.